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Welcome to Ceciliasson & Gustavsson, creators of the exclusive Napa-Sonoma Host experience. We pride ourselves on being the first to expertly curate and offer a collection of wineries as an unparalleled experience. We created the Host category for you – the most authentic way to experience Napa-Sonoma, guaranteed.

We are thrilled to introduce an entirely new category to the Sonoma-Napa region: a personalized and curated wine experience crafted by a knowledgeable local wine professional. Our offering provides a unique experience that emulates what it would be like to have friends in Napa-Sonoma. Since 2007, Ceciliasson & Gustavsson has been expertly curating a collection of wineries to share with our friends, family, and new friends like you.

We know that the majority of the wineries in Napa-Sonoma, especially the well-known ones, are tourist traps,  good marketers, or just plain cheesy. With a Host, you'll get to experience Napa-Sonoma like a local, with a local. It's like spending a day with Anthony Bourdain – as your Napa-Sonoma Host, we provide access to wineries that most tourists and even locals never get to experience. We'll introduce you to our friends in the wine industry, who will treat you like one of their own because you're with your Host.

We're your personal Hosts, giving you an inside look at the culture and community of Napa-Sonoma. We're playing an entirely different game – we're not a tour company or a transportation service. Transportation is merely a means to an end – what most companies revolve their entire business around, we include at no extra cost.

Embark on a journey through the heart of Sonoma-Napa, where you'll connect with passionate people, enchanting and authentic properties, indulge in true fine wines, and experience the genuine spirit of Napa-Sonoma.

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