Ceciliasson & Gustavsson is your Anthony Bourdain style Napa-Sonoma experience designed by a well traveled, local wine professional with attention to detail. We pioneered the Host brand and category for you.  A Host is your friend in wine country, and ambassador for Napa-Sonoma. We have an expertly curated collection of wineries that we have been curating throughout a decade and a half to share with our friends, family, and you. Spending a day with your Napa-Sonoma-Host gives you access to our curated collection. Ultimately we are introducing you to our friends in the wine industry and bringing you into our community. We're emulating what it would be like to have a friend in Napa-Sonoma. Your experience will be European-esque, you will be experiencing Napa-Sonoma like a local with a local. We're not a tour company or transportation service which are really just taxis. We include transportation as opposed to transportation being our business. What most companies revolve their entire business around we include at no cost.